ESG Risk Assessment Methodologies

Recognizing the vital importance of comparable, accurate, and transparent ESG data in the financial sector, Capital Concept is committed to delivering a market range of best-in-class data and workflow solutions. These solutions empower stakeholders to leverage our ESG methodologies as the cornerstone of their investment processes, aiming to position us as the reliable and preferred partner in the transition to sustainable finance.

Capital Concept is an expert in developing pre-investment and post-investment ESG risk assessment methodologies for companies and financial institutions. We develop methodologies to help corporations evaluate their impact on sustainability and identify ESG-related risks and opportunities. Our methodologies are adaptable to accommodate local laws and international regulatory trends and cover 17 industries of all sizes, as well as NGOs and SOEs. This unique approach prioritizes stakeholder protection and provides investors with the right signals for responsible investment. Our aim is to assist corporations in improving their ESG practices, pushing beyond compliance boundaries.