Explore consulting jobs in our three functional areas:

  • Junior analysts typically dive right into projects upon joining. Much of your work will involve conducting research and analysis. You’ll enjoy considerable autonomy in organizing your tasks. As you contribute to the foundational knowledge driving our company forward, you’ll find that your insights command the attention of everyone around you. APPLY NOW!
  • As a Senior Analyst, your wealth of experience enables you to pose pertinent questions, formulate hypotheses, and spearhead research initiatives to uncover solutions. Tackling diverse challenges across various domains will guide your exploration towards areas of personal interest and specialization. In this role, you’ll wield influence in shaping the problem landscape we address and cultivate a niche expertise that garners attention from your peers and beyond. APPLY NOW!
  • Internships at Capital Concept offer an authentic glimpse into the consultant’s life. As an intern, you’ll be fully integrated into project teams, entrusted with ownership over specific tasks. Throughout your tenure, you’ll receive continuous coaching and feedback to support your growth. We welcome applicants in their penultimate year of university, with many opting to join us during the summer or winter terms. APPLY NOW!