Capital Concept s.a.l leads the way in Shareholder Rights Protection in the Middle East

Beirut, April 8, 2013 – BDL’s Central Council, managed by four Vice Governors, Raed H. Charafeddine, Saad Andary, Muhammad Baasiri, and Haroutioun Samuelian, Director General of the Ministry of Finance Alain Bifani, and Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Trade Alia Abbas, and headed by Governor Riad T. Salamé, reviewed the proposal submitted by Capital Concept on February 2, 2013 requesting a license to perform Corporate Governance rating activity.

The General Council officially took note of Capital Concept’s rating and assessment activity in the letter under “284/m.m/17”.

Capital Concept is the first company to develop rating tools that are focused on the protection of shareholder rights and will help develop other rating tools in an effort to improve the state of corporate governance worldwide.  

The Governance and Integrity Rating (GIR) tool is used to assess companies based on their commitment to corporate governance international best practices and online disclosures. The Governance and Integrity Assessment tool is based on the international methodologies of the IFC, CIPE, and OECD, and helps companies identify areas of improvement and further development of their corporate governance strategy.


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